SolarBaba Platform Founder Ateş Uğurel

Solarbaba founder Ateş Uğurel: “As a long-time strategic partner of the EIF World Energy Congress and Expo, we would like to understand the great energy conversion and explain the new business models that will emerge. We will bring a global congress and expo with very strong roots, but with a new mission and vision.

Hoping that the world will switch to 100% clean energy in 2050, we’ve changed our entire corporate identity to EIF2050 (web page and social media accounts). We wish that EIF becomes an event which brings forth plenty of solutions for a Turkey capable of producing its energy from renewable energy sources.

All clean energy sources, especially solar and wind energy, energy storage, electric transportation, digitalization and energy efficiency will be our main focus points.

In addition to this, we are also happy to organize an event in Antalya, the capital city of the sun which has no accommodation problems, and at an expo center which is only 5 minutes away from the airport, where you can make daily visits, where you will not experience the stress of “How do I go to the expo and how do I return” and the chaotic atmosphere of the city. We all need such an environment after the pandemic. ”

Ateş Uğurel

SolarBaba Platform Founder