Ministry of Trade Booth Participation Support

Our dear participant; EIF Energy Congress and Expo has been awarded the Qualified International Fair Support by T.R. Ministry of Trade.

The purpose of this support is to support the organizers and participants by ensuring the external promotion of the sectoral international domestic fairs determined by the Ministry and increasing the participation at the international level in order and to increase the participation at the international level.

FAIR SUPPORT ELEMENTS: 50% of the invoice amount paid for the ground rent and booth expenses made by the participating companies within the scope of their participation in the domestic fair is supported up to the upper limit of maximum 38,000 TL. Support upper limits within the scope of this Decree are updated at the rate of (CPI + D-PPI) / 2 at the beginning of each calendar year.

You may contact us for your booth requests, or fill the form from the link below.