Investors From Africa

Investors and Investments from Africa

An incredible volume of trade has been formed between Turkey and African countries in recent years, and in this context, both imports and exports have started to be realized mutually. Because it is known that Turkish entrepreneurs and investors are at the core of many initiatives and investments in Africa in recent years, while the most investments are made in the Republic of Turkey in Europe and the Middle East from Africa. Turkish and Turkish investors have undertaken more than 1500 projects in many different countries on the African continent with a total value exceeding $ 70 billion. The value of Turkish investments throughout the continent has exceeded $ 6 billion today. In return, investors from Africa have made investments in different sectors in Turkey.

Many energy investments are made in Turkey from African countries, especially in the South African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Nigeria, Mauritania, Angola and Somalia. The most important reason for these investments is that Turkey has shown serious development in the field of renewable energy and is in a position suitable for investment. As it is known, Africa is a continent with limited resources in terms of energy resources, so the countries located on this continent have a fairly high orientation towards renewable energy in the field of energy. Since Turkey is a country with serious projects in the renewable energy sector and has efficient incentives and grants to attract investors, it is a very advantageous investment choice for investors from Africa.

The trade relationship between Turkey and Africa is based on a decently long process. At the end of this mutual interaction, grant and incentive studies were carried out with trade agreements between the two countries. In order to strengthen trade relations between the two countries, many different events were organized and continued to be held in December. The Turkish-African Economic and Business Forum, held for the third time at the Istanbul Congress Center, also turns out to be one of these valuable and productive events. In addition, the EIF World Energy Congress and Exhibition, which is also held in Turkey, also attracts the attention of investors from Africa.


Interest of Investors from Africa in the EIF World Energy Congress and Exhibition

Investors from Africa come across as investors who make investments in industry, retail, finance, and especially in the energy sectors. The most important event that may attract the attention of interested investors in this context is the EIF World Energy Congress and Fair, which will be held on October 12-14, 2022 in Istanbul. Because this fair and congress is the biggest event of Turkey that brings together producers and investors in the energy sector. This event, organized with the support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey, will be open to participants and visitors for 3 days at the IFM Istanbul Exhibition Center.

The EIF World Energy Congress and Exhibition, which is the largest and most important event held in the energy sector in Turkey, is an event attended by many domestic companies operating especially in the field of renewable energy.Renewable energy investments, which are the energy investments that attract the most attention of investors from Africa, are revealed through mutual negotiations and agreements held at this fair.Renewable energy studies carried out with energy types such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy and hydroelectric energy can be an example of renewable energy activities in Turkey. The types of energy that investors from Africa are most interested in are also solar and wind energy.