Investment Targets of Buyers from Africa in Turkey

Buyers from Africa

With the industrial developments that have emerged in recent years, various countries have made great economic and commercial breakthroughs and have grown at serious rates. Turkey is shown among the countries that offer severe growth and development in this context. One of Turkey’s most important trade partners is investors in African countries. Turkey’s investments in Africa, which have reached serious figures, are increasing every year, and the number of Turkish investors in the African continent is increasing. According to the latest research, the total value of Turkish investments in Africa has exceeded 70 billion dollars, and more than 1500 projects have been undertaken within the scope of these investments. In addition, the value of Turkish investments in Africa is measured at around 6 billion dollars.

However, this trade between Turkey and African countries is not one-way and severe investments are made from African countries to Turkey. The investments planned to be realized in Turkey by the purchasing committees that will come from Africa, in particular, will be more than the investments made by many countries in the world in Turkey. As it is known, the procurement committee is the name given to the authorities of the importing companies abroad, representatives of institutions and organizations, and the press members of the relevant country. These procurement committees can hold meetings with companies established in Turkey through various channels, and within this scope, they can visit professional organizations, see relevant businesses and facilities on-site, and participate in congresses and fairs held in Turkey. T.R. Purchasing committee meetings organized by the Ministry of Commerce significantly increase the number of exports from Turkey. The advantages provided to the procurement committees are not limited to these, but there are dozens of advantages from translator expenses to accommodation expenses, from transportation to participate in the fair.

Purchasing delegations from Africa aim to make investments in Turkey’s retail, textile, finance, and energy sectors. Accordingly, there is an incredible amount of African investor interest in renewable energy companies, especially in the energy sector. As it is known, although the African continent is a continent rich in precious metals, it is still a developing continent in terms of energy resources. In this context, especially renewable energy solutions attract purchasing committees from Africa. Since renewable energy obtained from solar energy and wind energy is the type of energy that many countries in Africa can use and produce, serious investments are made, especially in Turkish energy companies working in this field. Therefore, purchasing committees from Africa want to visit companies operating in the renewable energy sector and request to participate in fairs and congresses related to the renewable energy sector.

Participation of Procurement Delegations from Africa to EIF World Energy Congress and Fair

As mentioned above, there are many fairs and congresses in Turkey where purchasing committees from Africa participate. The EIF World Energy Congress and Fair, the most important energy event held in Turkey, is also one of the events in which African investors show great interest. Thanks to this congress and fair, African investors can collaborate with producers in the energy sector and make energy investments in Turkey thanks to bilateral meetings.

EIF World Energy Congress and Fair, held in Istanbul on 12-14 October 2022 for three days, will host visitors and participants at IFM Istanbul Expo Center. This event, organized under the T.R. Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, aims to increase the energy investments of purchasing committees from Africa in Turkey and expand Turkey-Africa commercial relations.