Activities of Middle East Investors in Turkey

Middle East Investors

Turkey is a developing country that receives foreign investments in many different sectors, especially the energy sector. In this context, one of the most important sectors in which investments are made in Turkey is the energy sector. In the energy sector, especially the Middle East countries, which have the largest fossil fuel resources in the world, are making serious energy investments in Turkey. In this context, the efforts of Middle Eastern investors to evaluate the potential in renewable energy production in Turkey continue with large-scale investments. When we examine the data of the last five years in particular, the amount of investment made in Turkey is recorded as 35 billion dollars on average, and 11% of this was realized in the energy sector. The main reasons for making such investments in the energy sector are that Turkey has a very good potential, especially in renewable energy, and that it is a country with stable and safe regulations for investments in the energy sector.

Among the renewable energy sources in Turkey, especially wind energy, geothermal energy, solar energy and hydroelectric energy are energy sources that can be produced quite efficiently. The most important investments in these resources are made by Middle Eastern investors. Especially in the last ten years, the developing import and export network between Turkey and the Middle East countries is increasing day by day and Turkey’s Middle Eastern commercial partners are increasing. Renewable energy sources attract more attention of Middle Eastern investors and investments in these sectors are mostly made by Middle Eastern investors. Because the Middle East countries, which have a large amount of fossil fuel reserves in their own lands, are aware of the fact that these non-renewable fossil fuels will run out, and they want to make investments in the field of energy with the return of their energy exports to the world. These Middle Eastern countries, on the one hand, have investments to meet their future energy needs, on the other hand, they have investments aiming to make serious profits by using their high potential in renewable energy.

Due to its geopolitical position, Turkey has great potential especially in the generation of wind, solar and hydroelectric energy. In order to reveal this potential, strong investments and solid R&D studies must be found together. At this point, we come across Middle Eastern countries that are willing to make investments. In addition, Turkey provides substantial incentives and grants to investments in the energy sector. This is another reason that attracts Middle Eastern investors to Turkey.

Middle East Investors at EIF World Energy Congress and Fair

Fairs and congresses held in the energy sector are very important events that have the function of bringing together energy producers, Turkish and especially foreign investors, while increasing the interest in this sector. In this context, the most important event held in Turkey is the EIF World Energy Congress and Fair. The difference of this fair and congress from all other fairs and congresses is that it is the largest energy fair and congress in Turkey, and it is a fair and congress that breaks records in the number of participants every year.

EIF World Energy Congress and Fair, which will be held for the 15th time at IFM Istanbul Expo Center in 2022, between 12 and 14 October, will be held with the intense participation of Middle Eastern investors, as in previous years. In this context, energy producers in Turkey will be able to meet with Middle East investors and new commercial partnerships will be established.